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Local Attractions


Boscombe and Bournemouth have the finest beaches in the UK. They have won the much coveted Blue Cross award for cleanliness for many years. Bournemouth town is named after the river Bourne which runs down through Dorset until it reaches the sea. The river can be seen in the gardens at The Square in the centre of the town. Bournemouth is famous throughout England as a holiday resort, and we have about 9 miles of beautiful sandy beaches There are many sources of entertainment here, and in the surrounding areas there is some beautiful countryside to visit.


To the west of Bournemouth is the old town of Poole with it's harbour and quay.  Poole harbour is the second largest natural harbour in the world, the largest being Sidney in Australia. The Romans visited Poole during their early conquests and as the harbour is quite shallow, it would have made a safe landing for their boats. However, within recent years the main run in the harbour has been dredged several times and can now accommodate the large ferries that travel to the islands and France. When you visit the quay at Poole you will see the internationally famous boat building company of Sunseeker. Their motor launches are sold all over the world, and can cost several million pounds.


Christchurch Yacht Club                

Christchurch an historic town around 2000 years old. Here we see some of the places to visit in the Priory town. Christchurch sits on the mouth of the River Stour and the Avon, which come together before joining the sea. The quay at Christchurch is very picturesque where you'll see  boats of many types, and of course, the swans which have been here for over 700 years.  A huge variety of birds visit the estuary, and it has become a wild life sanctuary. The Old Mill and the shopping centre in the town of Christchurch are well worth a visit.